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These were the scouts postings in the spring of 2007, so you can compare bloom times from one year to the next. Photos from 2007 are in the vcbf_cherry_scout album on Flickr.

    • April 19, 2007

    Arbutus Ridge - April 22

    Area 11 between Arbutus and McKenzie, 16th and 41st, is teeming with cherry blossoms. So many streets are either lined or have a few scattered in the block.I believe that the Kwanzan cherries are the ones that can be seen for the most part right now. Yew St. between 40th and 41st , along 41st, on 30th from 2700 to 2900, on Haggart by Prince of Wales High School, on McBain in the 2300 - 2400, etc. The best thing to do is walk and discover.

    The Tibetan Cherry at the corner of Valley Drive and King Edward is finally showing a handful of open white blossoms as of Saturday afternoon, however, more will come in the next few days. There are other cherry trees blooming. Someday we may learn the name.
    L. Portier

    Downtown - April 18

    Robson skytrain is finished blooming and the leaves are out. Granville street between Robson and Davie are in full bloom. Goergia St between Thurlow and Granville is also in full bloom.
    Caroline Schutrumpf

    Dunbar-Southlands - April 20

    The Kwanzens in south Dunbar, are numerous and glorious and there are a number of streets where they can be seen. Check out the ones running North -South on Crown between W 36th and W 38th, but also East West from Crown to Camosun. However my favorites are the block from Crown to Camosun on West 39th. These are almost perfect now, and there are parts of the street where the trees overlap in the middle. Just gorgeous If you are in the area, don't miss viewing the tall white blossomed cherries between Olympic and W. 39th ave. down to W 41st. They too arch over from both sides of the street and are always a sight to behold.

    Hastings-Sunrise - April 20

    The Kanzan, one of the most popular and showiest Cherry trees in Vancouver
    is in bloom in East Vancouver. Notable streets include:
    - East 7th Avenue (2900 to 3100 blocks) between Renfrew and Windermere
    Streets. The 3 white flowering cherry trees in full bloom are Sweet Cherry
    (Prunus avium)
    - East 3rd Avenue (2500 to 2800 blocks) from Kamloops to Renfrew Streets
    - Nootka Street (1000 to 1200 blocks) between Charles and Parker Streets
    - Wall Street from Dundas to Trinity Streets (west side of street)
    - Nanaimo Street from Pandora to Venables Streets

    The Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) is in bloom on the west side of Renfrew
    Street between Dundas and East Hastings.
    K. Voegtle

    Kerrisdale - April 24

    The late blooming P.serrulata 'Shirofugen' is another cherry with coppery red foliage but 'Shirofugen' has very different blooms from the dominant 'Kanzan' and 'Pink Perfection'. 'Shirofugen' has pink buds opening to fully double light pink blossoms which quickly change to nearly white when completely open. The light coloured dangling blossoms contrast with the dark foliage making 'Shirofugen' distinctive and delightful.

    'Shirofugen' is in full bloom in a private planting around the N/E corner of 42nd and Yew St. Across 42nd in the lawn area of the Kerrisdale Community Centre there are three large trees just beginning to open, and along 46th from E.Blvd to Maple there is a double row of mature trees about 50% open.

    The very pink 'Kanzan' and 'Pink Perfection' are in full bloom now. There are virtual tunnels of pink on some streets, as on Beechwood from 54th to 57th. Other significant showings can be seen on:
    both sides of 41st from Yew to Larch
    both sides of Vine from 41st to 49th
    both sides of Yew from 49th to 51st
    both sides of 44th from Maple to Cypress and on
    both sides of 45th from Maple to Cypress.

    In an interesting tree combination 'Kanzan' and /or 'Pink Perfection' are interplanted with London Plane trees along a curving section of Laburnum from Angus to 63rd. The cherries are planted in a ratio of about 1:10 and are dwarfed by the still leafless magnificent London Planes.

    P.serrulata 'Takasago' trees are still looking good on 45th W of Larch and along Vine St. from 41st to 49th and on 62nd W of Laburnum. They have been blooming since early April.

    P.serrulata 'Ukon' is still in full bloom on Churchill between 47th and 49th and on the W side of Yew St. near 42nd. The Akebono cherries which gave us such pleasure a month ago are leafing out after an period of 'awkwardness' and are now showing their lovely forms in fresh green.

    There are so many streets lined with blooming Kanzan in this neighbourhood. Try 41st west of West Boulevard, and just look up and down the cross streets. 33rd west of MacKenzie is blooming nicely too. For those of you who have had trouble distinguishing between Kanzan and Pink Perfection, head up to 39th and Crown. On the northeast corner is a fine row of Kanzan with their bronzy foliage. Look to the southeast, further down Crown toward 40th and you'll see three or four Pink Perfection still blooming nicely. Their foliage is less obvious (if there is any) and the blossoms have a slight mauve tinge.
    C. Adderson

    West End-Stanley Park - April 213>

    Kanzans and Pink Perfection are still in bloom ( though a bit past prime) all over the West End, as are the single and double versions of Avium Plena, the huge trees with white blossoms. The more elegant Shirofugens are out now, often umbrella-shaped trees with bronze leaves and long drooping stems carrying pink buds opening to very frilly white blossoms. These are one of the last cherries to bloom in Vancouver. There are also some very upright Amanogawas with semi-double white blossoms on upright stems at Broughton and Alberni and the 1200 block of Melville. The many small green trees that look like Christmas decorations with red buds opening to single white blossoms are crab apples.

    The map has been updated a little this week. Green now indicates cherries other than Kanzan (which is similar to what it meant last week, but a few have been added).
    Wendy Cutler and Bo Mon Kwan

    West Point Grey - April 18

    1. Chancellor Blvd (at Blanc and 8th Ave.) Has a long median of small trees spreading branches ,bronze leaves and emerging pink blossoms.

    2. Chancellor Blvd, Wesbrook to East Mall , another pretty median with large trees spreading branches, leaves bronze and pink blossoms possibly same variety as noted in 1.

    3. Memorial Rd between West Mall and Lower Mall has one the prettiest secession of Cherry trees on the entire campus. ( at least four different) . Several pink blossom some of the earliest i.e. begining of March, now one small tree with bronze leaves and emerging double white blossoms Also in this area is the Nitobe Gardens with a variety of trees, several weeks ago several large spreading , with white blossoms and now smaller trees. Asian Centre has several med size trees pink blossoms but now finished blooming several others emerging.

    4. Lower Mall Memorial Rd. to University Blvd was pretty with medium/large trees with spreading branches green leaves and very pale pink (possibly white blossoms now fading. Now several small trees with bronze leaves and white blossoms emerging. Found trying to name these trees was somewhat confusing therefore have omitted names.
    M. Elstone

    • April 12, 2007

    Hastings-Sunrise - April 16

    One of the most popular and showiest Cherry trees in Vancouver is coming into bloom in East Vancouver. A must see street is East 7th Avenue (2900 to 3100 blocks) between Renfrew and Windermere Streets with crimson buds opening to vivid pink flowers with pom-pom type blossoms hanging in clusters of 3 to 5 flowers each. On April 15, 2007 these trees were approximately 50% blossoms. The 3 white flowering cherry trees in full bloom are Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium). East 3rd Avenue (2500 to 2800 blocks) from Kamloops to Renfrew Streets have Kanzan trees on both sides of the street still mostly in bud. Nootka Street (1000 to 1200 blocks) between Charles and Parker Streets are still approximately 70% buds.

    Wall Street from Dundas to Trinity Streets (west side of street) have Kanzan's with at least 50% blossoms. At Meditation Park in the 2400 block of Wall Street is a Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium) in bloom with clusters of white flowers with five petals and long stamens. On the west side of Renfrew Street between Dundas and East Hastings are Sweet Cherry approximately 80% in bloom. The Sweet Cherry is also referred to a Wild Cherry
    K. Voegtle (April 15, 2007)

    Kerrisdale - April 14

    The street banners are up along 41st showing Magnolia blossoms but the streets of Kerrisdale are pink with double flowering cherries.Most of these cherries will be P.serrulata 'Kanzan' or P.serrulata 'Pink Perfection'.There are significant differences in flower colour and growth habit but it will be either or, or maybe for this report. Both cultivars have bronze leaf colour and the leaves are just developing as the buds open. Thee are glorious examples along many streets and in gardens; some of the most significant can be seen on the following streets:
    - both sides of 41st from Yew street to Larch, about 50% open
    - both sides of Vine from 41st to 49th, mixed with other trees
    - both sides of Yew from 49th to 51st, about 10% open
    - both sides of 44th from Maple to Cypress, about 10% open
    - both sides of 45th from Maple to Cypress, about 25% open and
    - on both sides of Beechwood from 54th to 57th.

    Venturing further south to 75th there is a path between two parking lots in the 1600 block which is lined with fairly young Kanzans or Pink Ps. This path winds down to join the river path along the banks of the Fraser River, where the Cottonwood leaves are unfurling and perfuming the air with their sweet scent. The three magnificent P. serrulata 'Shirotae' [Mt. Fuji] on 75th are starting to drop their petals but are still stunning.

    The P.serrulata 'Takasago' are still in full bloom on 45th W of Larch and on Vine from 41st to 49th and on 62nd just W of Laburnum; and the P.serrulata 'Ukon' is now in full bloom on Churchill St between 47th and 49th and is still lovely in a private planting on the W side of Yew just S of 42nd.
    S. Petrie

    Kitsilano - April 14

    Yew Street in Kits, from Kits Park up to Broadway is just about to burst into flower with the darker pink, perhaps Kwansen??? on both sides of the street.
    H Kelleher

    West End-Stanley Park - April 14

    There is still a lot of variety in the West End - some blocks have as many as four different cultivars in bloom or coming into bloom right now. In fact, here's an impromptu contest we dreamed up: I'll name the blocks and you name the cultivars. Most but not all are street trees, but the private ones are very evident from the street. Send your replies to with the street name and 'contest' in the subject line. Sorry, there's no prize, but if you identify four cultivars correctly I could mention your name probably the week after next if you want. Here are the streets, marked in green on this map:

    - Haro west of Chilco - this very short block has four cultivars, and while you're there, check out the Shirotae starting to shed but still looking quite spiffy, down at the lagoon below Haro

    - Comox west of Denman - there's a very unusual cultivar on this block that I might have reported as being dead, and I wasn't far wrong, but it's starting to bloom and its interesting feature is very evident

    - Cardero north of Comox

    - Pendrell east of Bute - here's a hint: I'm going to have to post a query about the tree at Thurlow on the Forums site (see address at the top of this page), so you could get the answer to this one at the same time as I do.

    - Any other block where you find four different cultivars; just let me know which block.

    Kanzans and Pink Perfection are now ablaze all over the West End, particularly on Georgia near Burrard, Haro west of Nicola, Davie west of Jervis and Bute south of Nelson. The contest map mentioned above also shows locations where you can see these trees, marked in pink (and it shows where the streets with these trees are blocked if you're driving). The map does not show which trees are which, and there's a good reason for that! If you're doing the contest and one of these trees is on your block, either name will be counted as correct (unless it's the one mentioned above if I have an answer).
    Wendy Cutler and Bo Mon Kwan

    • April 5, 2007

    Hastings-Sunrise - April 10

    The petals are falling and new leaves emerging on the Yoshino trees lining both sides of Graveley Street (3100 block) and East 6th Avenue (2600 block). The ground is covered in pink and white petals that looks like snow from a distance.
    K. Voegtle

    Kerrisdale - April 7

    There are two new 'kids on the block' this week. P. serrulata 'Takasago', also known as Prunus X sieboldii, are trees of compact form with few major branches. Older trees are often missing major limbs due to disease; younger trees have an almost pruned look. The flower buds are dark pink opening to semi-double pacdle pink blossoms occurring all along the branches. Older 'Takasago' cherries can be seen on 45th just W of Larch and along Vine St., occurring irregularly from 41st to 49th. There is a group of four younger trees on the N side of 62nd just W from Laburnum. 'Takasago' blooms are about 50% open with no sign of leaf development yet.

    The other new bloomer P. serrulata 'Ukon' is about 25% open in a private close planting of 12 trees found along the W side Yew street just S of 42nd. The blossoms are a pale yellow/green semi-double and the early foliage just beginning to show is pale copper. 'Ukon' can also be found on Churchill St. in a double row from 47th to 49th, although these were not yet in bloom on April 6th.

    The stars of last week are still lovely. P.serrulata 'Tai Haku' [Giant White Cherry], famous for having the largest single blossom of all the cherries, is still crisply white and is in full bloom on the W side of Balsam between 43rd and 41st.

    P. serrulata 'Shirotae' [Mount Fuji] are in full bloom with scented double flowers and bright green leaves enhancing their crisp white blossoms. There is a group of three mature trees in the 1600 block of 75th.

    The Akebono/Yoshino trees are at various stages; some are snowing their white petals and starting to look past their prime, but others are still glorious billowing clouds of white. There is very little leaf showing in either case. They are widely planted and are often used as replacement trees when older cherries are removed.

    The P.subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea' [pink winter cherry] groups on the N and S Yew St. corners at 42nd and 43rd, E side of the street are just now beginning to show leaf development and are looking a little more alive than they have since blooming in February.

    Another new bloomer found on the S side of 47th between E Blvd. and Maple.P.sargentii 'Rancho' is interplanted with plums and other mature cherries which are still in tight pink bud. 'Rancho' has bright pink single flowers which fade slightly, contrasting nicely with well developed copper coloured leaves. When the double pink parade starts next week with the blooming of 'Pink Perfection" and 'Kanzan" they will be lost in the crowd. The Magnolias along this street can be quite distracting.

    Marpole - April 10

    The Takasago Cherries in Marpole are just about to burst. The trees have all taken on a lovely deep yet dusty red as the bronze emerging leaves appear along with the dark pink buds. A few of the blossoms have opened showing double dark pink petals. And they are everywhere in this area.
    Montcalm St -. 70th Ave - 73rd
    Hudson St. - 70th - 73rd but only on the East Side in some blocks.
    Granville St. - for 1/2 block between 70th - 71st.
    Adera Street - 70th - 66th
    66th Ave. - Adera - Granville St.
    French St. - 70th - 72nd.
    Cartier St. - 70th - 64th.

    The Tai Huku (Great White Cherries) on 66th Avenue from East Blvd to Adera are just past their peak now with about 20% of their blossoms beginning to fall.

    64th Ave. from French to Cartier also has cherries finishing - I think these might be Akebono.
    S. Wolpert

    West End-Stanley Park - April 7

    There's a lot of variety in the west end right now. The Somei-Yoshinos in the rose garden are absolutely stunning, and the Akebonos in Devonian Park are also really beautiful with the North Shore mountains in the backdrop. If you walk to Devonian Park, be sure to walk all the way around the Bayshore Hotel, as there are a lot of Shirotae (Mount Fujis) in bloom.

    Elsewhere in the westend, the Akebonos are already losing their blossoms, but still going strong are three areas of six Shirotae trees each : the old Hydro building, Sutton Place hotel & opposite the hotel on the other side of Burrard. They are all in full bloom right now, as are the ones on Georgia between Jervis & Broughton. The Shirotaes in the Japanese Monument Pathway are also in full bloom.

    Fully arrived this week are the pale pink double flowered Takasagos all along Comox and the 1600 block of Beach Avenue, and the pale pink single flowered Mikaruma Gaeshis at various spots on Pendrell (1100 block - 1700 block). What I reported as Uminekos at English Bay last week have turned out to be pears, and there's a very fine three-row display of these pears also on the 1100-block of Richards.

    Likely to burst open before the next report will be Pink Perfections and Kanzans, with very frilly pink blossoms set off by deep bronze leaves. The ones on Bute from Barclay to Burnaby are supposed to be Kanzans.
    Bo Mon Kwan and Wendy Cutler

    • March 29, 2007

    Arbutus Ridge - March 29-30

    Four reports for Arbutus Ridge area to 16th.

    In the 2200 block of 40th Ave there are trees in peak bloom. Amongst these trees is one sole tree of another variety.

    In "Triangle Park" as it is known by neighbours between 30th and 31st and Elm and Trafalgar there are two old trees that will be in peak bloom in a couple of days. Photo waitiing to be sent.

    On 18th Ave. between Arbutus and MacDonald the Mikurama-gaeshi cherries will be blooming soon. A few buds have started to open.

    Sorry not to be able to provide the names of the trees. Hopefully the photos will help in identification.

    This area has many other trees which will bloom at a later date.

    Two sites to report. The first is in the 2200 West 40th Ave. The site has been divided into a and b as there is one tree that is different from the others. See attachment. We just visited 40th an hour ago. These trees are in peak bloom. The second site is in the 4600 Elm St. There is a little park called Triangle Park by the neighbours. The park is at 31st between Elm and Trafalgar. There are two old trees that are just starting to bloom. See attachment. Hope that this information is okay. I just fiind it too difficult to identify the type of tree.

    Downtown - April 1

    Burrard Skytrain is in full bloom as are most of the trees downtown. There are some kuros at 830 Burrard that are almost in full bloom.
    Caroline Schutrumpf

    A great place to go spotting the Akebono is the north side of Georgia West, 1700 block, between Denman and Bidwell. They are in planters with lots of spring bulbs, benches to sit on, view of the moutain and water there. Peaking now.
    Bill Stephen

    Fairview - March 30

    I've scouted cherry blossoms along my route home from downtown and in my assigned area in Fairview. There are a few trees on Heather @ 7th Avenue that have bloomed but many of the others are just starting to bud. I've taken a picture but I'm not sure how well you'll be able to see the buds once it's been uploaded and put in the album.
    Maylene Chang

    Grandview Woodland - March 28

    On Victoria Drive (Broadway to First Ave.): Rancho 100%

    Hastings-Sunrise - April 1

    One of the prettiest streets in Vancouver is in full bloom. The almond-scented Yoshino trees lining both sides of Graveley Street (3100 block) between Lillooet and Windermere form a lovely canopy half way down the block. This is one of the most popular and most photographed streets in Vancouver. East 6th Avenue (2600 block) from Penticton to Slocan Streets is another Yoshino street in full bloom. The blossoms really stand out as you approach this street on an overcast day. The very distinctive trees with the erect branches you see in the 2700 block of East 6th Avenue are the European Hornbeam that are part of the Birch family.
    K. Voegtle

    Kensington-Cedar Cottage - March 28

    Brewers Park at Victoria Drive & 26 Ave, 2 Akebono, 20% falling
    On south of 19 Ave between Victoria to Garden: Akebono 50% bloom
    At SW side of Victoria Drive & 16 Ave: 3 Yoshino full bloom

    Kerrisdale - March 31

    The Akebono Cherries are in full bloom; they seem to have blossomed almost overnight. There is a subtle difference between Akebono and Yoshino cherries which is beyond me to determine so it is an either or situation when mentioned. The most significant showings in my area are: - 43rd Elm to MacDonald on the S side
    Larch St. from 43rd to 49th, occasional mature trees either side, mixed with others
    - Marine Cr. 50th to 49th W side
    - Yew St. at Marine Dr. mature trees on the W corner and immature trees on the E corner
    - Beechwood S from 51st, immature trees
    - 43rd just E of E. blvd. four mature trees
    - 42nd from W Blvd. To Yew St. N side,at Yew St. at 42nd and at the entrance to the Kerrisdale Community centre.

    Akebonos seem to be a favoured replacement tree and have been used on many streets including 50th from Marine Cr. to MacDonald replacing some of the Accolades. The Accolades are still in full flower with little green showing. The earliest plums are fading and their new leaf colour is noticeable. The later plums are still freshly pink and pretty.
    S. Petrie

    Killarney - March 29

    This is a wonderful week for blossoms in the Killarney area. Highlights for the week ending March31st are:
    1. On E 59th east of Kerr St.we now have 29 trees in full bloom.
    2. The trees aligning Elmhurst Drive are now in full bloom.
    3. Champlain Crescent and its driveways are lined with pinks blossoms. The Akebono trees near the school annex are particularly in glorious array as well.
    4. My personal favourite tree is an Akebona Cherrylocated on 63rd Ave. E.(south side), east of the Fraserview Golf Course and Kerr. It is a beautiful mature tree with striped bark and billowing pink blossoms. It truly is worth taking a walkin this area.
    E. McClanaghan & S. Schroeder

    Marpole and Kerrisdale - March 30

    Today, I started briefly in Marpole
    * 64th Avenue between Cartier & French Streets there is a gorgeous canopy of blossoms formed by trees on both sides of the street. These are not on your list, but I am sure that they are cherries!
    However, my main concentration was on the Kerrisdale area. There are some really stunning streets in Kerrisdale! All the streets that I walked through were in full bloom.
    I started in the south and worked my way north and then west.
    * 50th from Marine Crescent between Marine Crescent and MacDonald is gorgeous ... it is serpentine lane of pink Accolade Cherry blossoms!
    * Yew Street also has a few nice Accolade Cherry blossoms
    * 42nd Avenue near West Boulevard has a nice canopy of Autumn Rosebud Cherry Trees!
    * 43rd Avenue between Elm & Trafalgar has some large Cherry trees that stretch across the street (this is not on your list but I am sure these are cherries)
    * 42nd Avenue between Collingwood and Blenheim is my favorite street so far! The trees form an near complete canopy over the sidewalk that is breathtaking! My immediate thought was "This is truly amazing!"
    * I finished with the Akebono Cherry trees on the south side of 39th between Blenheim & Dunbar ... a wonderful row of older trees.

    Oakridge - March 30

    Kwanzan Cherry - Willow Street between 38th and 39th.
    Some small trees on west side of the street are about 75% in blossom.
    S. Buium

    Around Tisdale Park at 45~49 Ave. between Ash to Tisdale Streets: Akebono full bloom
    *In the courtyard of the apartment south of 45 Ave: Akebono full bloom
    At SW corner of Ash & 45 Ave.: 2 Accolade 50% falling

    Renfrew-Collingwood - March 28

    Melbourne Park at 3530 Vanness Ave.: Akebono full bloom

    Riley Park-Little Mountain - April 2

    Queen Elizabeth Park:
    At the entrance of Queen Elizabeth Park & Kersland: 5 Akebono, 50% bloom
    On the lawn north to West 33rd parking lot of Queen Elizabeth Park: around 10 Akebono, 80% bloom; one Somei-yoshino closest to Quarry Garden, 50% bloom
    By the walkway of West 33rd parking lot of Queen Elizabeth Park: one vase-shaped wild Prunus sargentii, pink flower full bloom
    By the NE duck pond of Queen Elizabeth Park: 2 Akebono, 50% bloom; four vase-shaped white flowering Prunus 'Umineko', 80% bloom


    On Marguerite St. (27 to 28 Ave.): West side, Accolade, Residual 80%
    On Hudson St & 38th Ave.: Yoshino, 2 old big trees; Full Bloom
    Joseph Lin

    South Cambie - March 31-April 2

    The cherry trees in Queen Elisabeth Park are all in blossoms. estimate 60% of the buds are open. Akebono (Daybreak) along Manitoba St. (39 Ave. all the way to 49th) also flowering.

    Crown shapes mostly are tabular spreading,rounded shape also seen; in while and light pink colors.
    Ning Shu

    ***All the trees reported here need to be checked out soon as it won't be long before they start fading. I would say that they are at their peak right now.

    The following three locations have Akebono Cherry trees, in full bloom and very beautiful.
    - Cambie Street at 17th (next to Tomato Cafe).
    - West on 19th Avenue from Tupper St. to almost Ash - both sides of the street, alternating with a Plum - breathtaking.
    - West on 20th Avenue just past Tupper St., across from Edith Cavell Elementary School.
    Whitcomb Cherry - as you drive along Oak Street between 26th and 27th Avenue, you can't miss these trees now in full bloom - an absolutely beautiful sight.
    At the Shell gas station at 25th & Oak there are three beautiful trees (Cherry, I think) in full bloom.
    The Whitcomb Cherry trees on Laurel between 19th and 20th are "on their last legs" - still colorful but fading fast.
    While walking along Laurel (between 20th and 21st) there is a beautiful sight along the middle of Douglas Park - about 10 older trees (? type) in full bloom.
    Kwanzan Cherry - On Willow Street between 37th and 38th Avenue - full bloom.

    Sunset - March 30-31

    Gorgeous!! Over one dozen Akebono Cherriesline both sides of 59th Ave. between Fraser and Prince Albert Street. They are now in FULL BLOOM! The Rancho Sargent cherry on 43rd from Inverness to Knight Street are approximately 75% in bloom.

    57th Avenue has many varieties of cherry all in different stages of bloom.The trees closest to the golf course at Ontario are in full bloom. The trees that stretch out closest to Main Street are approximately 25% in bloom.There are also cherries east of Main on 57th that have yet to begin blooming.

    On 43 Ave. between Knight to Inverness: Rancho full bloom
    On 59 Ave. between Fraser to Prince Albert: Yoshino 10% falling
    On 57 Ave. between Main to Ontario: Rancho 20% falling
    On 57 Ave. between Quebec to Ontario by Langara Golf Course: 4 Avium Plena full bloom

    West End-Stanley Park - March 31

    Now is the time to head over to Stanley Park, particularly the Rose Garden, to see the magnificent display of Yedoensis that should be just coming into their prime this week. Here's a nice cherry-ful walk you could do to get to the park:

    - Start at Burrard Station under a whole square block of Akebonos and Magnolias

    - Go south two blocks to Alberni to see some Akebonos between Burrard and Thurlow

    - Head to Georgia, to see the Akebono display between Bute and Jervis and the Shirotae between Jervis and Broughton

    - Walk north on Jervis from Georgia to Coal Harbour. Every cross street and lane has a row of Akebonos in one direction or the other.

    - Walk to the park, walking through an extensive stand of Akebonos in Devonian Harbour Park. There are also some nice Akebonos on Georgia between Bidwell and Denman and the mini park at the corner of Georgia/Chilco.

    - Follow Pipeline Rd or signs to the lower Rose Garden

    If you're up for more walking, or on another tour, the grassy area at the Nelson Street entrance to the park, near the tennis courts, is full of blooming Akebonos (and Yedoensis? Can any of us really tell the difference?), along with several magnolias and rhododendrons. You can also check out all the activity at the heronry while you're there (look up, near the Parks Board Office and south of the tennis courts).

    You can leave the park on Comox to see a stand of three small but flashy Mount Fujis (Shirotaes) alongside 2075. Continue to the Chilco minipark, where Accolade petals are now mostly on the ground, but there's an Akebono and a nice Mount Fuji in bloom. If you head toward Denman on Comox, you'll pass several possibly Takasago just starting to bloom. They're not yet a riot of colour, but the deep pink buds with the the double pale pink open blossoms are stunning.

    Over at English Bay, a stand of six Umineko are blooming along the bike path near Denman [these turned out to be pears]. Further east, where Beach Avenue meets Pacific, about five Akebonos provide a nice splash of colour.
    Bo Mon Kwan and Wendy Cutler

    • March 22, 2007


    The flowers at Burrard skytrain are 75% open. There are several trees on Alberni between Burrard and Thurlow that are also almost completely in bloom. I will send photos when it stops raining!

    Hastings-Sunrise - March 28

    One of the prettiest streets in Vancouver is coming into bloom this week. The Yoshino trees in the 3100 block of Graveley Street between Lillooet and Windermere have more buds opening every day. With Yoshino's on both sides of the street forming a canopy half way down the block this is one of the most popular and most photographed streets in Vancouver. East 6th Avenue (2600 block) from Penticton to Slocan Streets is another Yoshino street coming into bloom. With over 50% of the buds still to open, the pale pink to white blossoms are a nice contrast with the pink buds. The very distinctive trees with the erect branches you see in the 2700 block of East 6th Avenue are the European Hornbeam that are part of the Birch family.
    K. Voegtle

    Kerrisdale - March 24

    If it wasn't for our lovely plums and cherries blooming would we even know it was spring?

    The plums are at their peak of bloom with some leaf development just beginning to show.

    The Accolade cherries are also in full bloom and looking splendid. Some of the best are along Yew between 43rd and 46th and along 50th between Marine Cr. and MacDonald. These are old trees and some are not in great shape. Newer Accolades can be seen along 75th E of Angus on the S side planted in privet parking lots in the 1700 and 1750 blocks. There are four trees filling a privet front garden on the E side of Wiltshire just N of 43rd, and a lovely tree [privet] on the E side of Beechwood in the 7200 block.

    There is a non grafted Weeping cherry on the E side of MacDonald just S of 45th showing deep pink single blossoms and a weeping willow like habit.

    The Yoshino cherry has started to bloom showing single very pale pink, almost white blossoms on umbrella shaped trees. On the W side of Marine Cr. Just S of 50th there is a row of mature trees that are likely Yoshinos.

    The next major blooming should be the Akebono cherries. At a distance they look a deep pink-coral colour with the mature trees having a flattened umbrella shape. Mature Akebonos can be seen at the SW corner of Yew and Marine Dr.; along the N side 42cd between W Blvd. and Yew St.; along Yew at 42cd including a group of 15 planted in a double row just off the W sidewalk. There are four magnificent trees on 43rd just E of E Blvd. And a large tree on W Blvd. at the entrance to the Kerrisdale Community Centre. Immature Akebonos are found along Beechwood S from 51st, and in the Master Gardener planted area along Marine Dr. at Yew St. and in many other recent single and multiple plantings in this area.

    Prunus serrulata 'Tai Haku' [Great White Cherry] is almost open. There are three mature trees on the S side of 75th in the 1600 block which look similar.
    S. Petrie

    Marpole - March 23, 27

    The Akebono Cherries on Osler Street between 59th Avenue and 64th Avenue are quite striking looking at the moment. The trees are well established and line each side of the street. None of the buds have opened yet, but all appear to be coloured. As a result, the entire spreading crown of each tree has taken on a dusty red colour. It is quite a subtle effect and definitely lovely. As none of the buds have yet opened, it is impossible to tell what the colour and shape of the blossoms will be.
    Susan Wolpert

    (March 27) The Accolade Cheeries along 61st Ave. from Ontario to Manitoba are now in full bloom. As the blossoms are a pink double they are fabulous looking. The Akebono Cherries on Osler Street between 59-64th and on 64th beetween Ash and Heather St. are now coming out. The blossoms are a very light pink single petal on a spreading crown.

    I believe a mistake has been made on naming the cherries on West 60th Avenue: Ontario to Manitoba. They are listed as Mount Fuji's but they appear to be Akebono's. All of the buds are coloured a deep pink and some of the blossoms, a single light pink, are now opening.

    New listings - On the north side of 63rd between Cambie and Ash, Akebono cherries are planted alternately with plum trees. They are also beginning to open as are the Akebono's planted along Yukon Street between 61st and 62nd. These latter trees are very young. There are 5 young cherry trees also blooming at the corner of 70th and Granville beside the Royal Bank. They are in full bloom and are a bright fluffy pink. Probably Accolade's? Whereas down the street at the corner of the Safeway Parking lot and 70th Ave. 3 mature Akebono's are opening. I presume they are Akebono's as they have the same appearance as the ones on Osler.
    S. Wolpert

    Sunset - March 24

    The Akebono Cherry trees that line both sides of East 59 Avenue between Fraser and Prince Albert St. are are approximately 50% in bloom. The crown of these trees are tabular in shape. The lovely light pink blossoms are heavy with rain today.

    South Cambie - March 24, 28

    17th Avenue, Cambie to Tupper - next to Tomato Cafe - three Akebono Cherry have buds ready to flower any day now. Across the street next to Blenz there are 5 young cherry trees - they are already starting to blossom.

    19th Avenue Tupper to almost Ash St. - both sides of the street in full bloom, beautiful. I think there are some plums mixed in with these Akebono Cherry trees. Noticed some fallen blossoms already.

    20th Avenue, west of Tupper across from elementary school - Akebono Cherry - buds ready to open with a few already in blossom.

    Laurel between 19th and 20th Avenues - Accolate Cherry - Full bloom. Blossoms falling but still a beautiful sight.

    East side of Oak Street between 26th and 27th Avenues - Whitcomb Cherry - finally in bud, ready to open with the odd blossom already sighted.

    (March 28) East side of Oak Street between 26th and 27th Avenues - Whitcomb Cherry - Today I walked under this row of trees and was amazed to see that since the last report (March 24) about 75% of the blossoms have opened. It is a beautiful sight already and will only get better as all the blossoms open.
    S. Buium

    Victoria-Fraserview - March 27

    On South of 41 Ave. between Gladstone to Nanaimo: Yoshino 10% falling

    West End-Stanley Park - March 24

    The west end plums are much less spectacular now that the leaves are out. Accolade Cherries at the Aquatic Centre and Chilco minipark at Comox are still looking good, as is the Pendula in Alexandra Park on Beach at Bidwell. Akebonos in the west end have about 50% open blooms. There's a nice set at 1924 Comox, and on Bidwell north of Haro, both framing building entrances. On Alberni between Burrard & Thurlow, the Akebonos are blooming nicely and are very pretty now. The ones on the corner of Georgia and Bute are also blooming but are just a bit behind the Alberni ones.
    Bo Mon Kwan and Wendy Cutler

    West Point Grey - March 27

    I am reporting for area #9 (and slightly beyond).

    1. Several trees in bloom at pitch and putt gof course in Stanley Park
    2. 1155 Pacific Avenue: row of dark pink trees in full bloom
    3. Planetarium/Vancouver Museum: has a row of trees - Akebono? soft pink/white in full bloom
    4. foot of Yew at Cornwall: the two beauties are in bloom at Kits Beach foot of Yew.
    5. 3200 Puget Drive and 3600 West 19, 20 and 21 Avenues in bloom
    6. Highbury Street from Spanish Banks to 21st Avenue
    7. UBC - 2000 block Lower Mall leaading to Nitobe Gdn will burst this week - Friday perhaps
    Laurel Saba

    • March 15, 2007

    Downtown - March 17

    The buds at the Burrard Skytrain station are 50% open.

    Hastings-Sunrise - March 19

    Accolade Cherry trees in the 3000 block East 5th Avenue are in full bloom.

    The most notable street trees in bloom at this time are the Cherry Plums. 99 Purple-Leaved Plums on Trinity Street from North Nanaimo to North Renfrew Streets are in full bloom on both sides of the street. Napier, Parker and Venables from Nanaimo to Kaslo Streets are in full bloom with the darker pink 'Nigra' plums.
    K. Voegtle

    Kerrisdale - March 15-19

    In area 17 there are plums in boom just about anywhere you look. The earliest are almost fully open and are showing pale pink-beige with just a hint of copper leaves starting to show. The darker pink plums are just 25-50% open and are very distinctive with their delicate dark branches and lacy looking buds.

    Accolade is about 50-75% open with pale pink double flowers, still leafless. There is a double row of these along 50th between Marine Cr. And MacDonald, and along Yew Street between 43rd and 46th. These trees do not look too robust although they are flowering freely.

    The Akebono as noted last week are still in bud in this area. More and more trees are looking very similar to the identified Akebonos at Yew and SW Marine Drive. Particularly on the W side of Marine Cr. Between SW Marine Dr. and 50th, along the N side of 42cd between W. Blvd and Yew St., a single large tree at the entrance to the Kerrisdale Community Centre and many of the newly planted young cherry trees in various places.

    The many blooming and promising plums and cherries give even our miserable cold wet days a certain charm and perhaps the cold will let us keep them in bloom a little longer. S. Petrie.

    (March 18) There is a good showing of younger Accolade cherries in the Angus lands area along 75th Ave. N side, found in parking lots in the 1700 and 1750 blocks. They are about 50% open.

    On W. Blvd, at 54th on the SW corner in a privet front garden there is a large weeping cherry with dark pink single flowers about 50% open, no leaf showing. It is possibly a deep pink form of P. pendula.
    S. Petrie

    (March 19) This ignorant scout has only just figured out that all those extraordinary trees in my neighbourhood are plums! March 19th I went and checked out the street mentioned by a superior scout and can confidently report that on Yew Street between 43rd and 49th the Accolade cherries are in full bloom and very lovely. The Akebono's on 42nd between West Boulevard and Yew are about to burst forth, as is the magnificent tree in front of the community centre.
    C Adderson

    Killarney - March 20

    We have scouted out the majority of streets in the Killarney Area #22 at least once between March 11th and March 20th and some areas we have been able to return to in order to update the information. We have recorded 434 trees with buds or blossoms in this area. Being amateur cherry tree scouts we are unable to identify the variety and some may be plum trees. In spite of this, there are many lovely streets to walk along and that have trees in full blossom. Don't forget your camera.

    Here's some highlights: - In the centre of our Killarney area is Butler St. (between E. 54th and E. 47th and Brooks St. between E. 54th and E. 46th. The streets are lined with trees at 100% blossom. You will particularly enjoy a stroll along Brooks St. with 72 trees with pink petals.

    - Going west one block E 50th, E. 51st, E 52nd and E 53rd streets have two varieties. Some light pink blossoms (100%)and some with dark pink centres showing at 50%.

    - Cross Kerr St. (walking west) and take in Lancaster, Killarney, Raleigh and Dawson Streets. Dip down to 7100 block of Elmhurst Street and stroll past the 38 trees with pink blossoms. On March 18th they were at 50% buds opening. This would be a wonderful time to catch these blossoms at their peak. On 6500 to 6900 blocks of Dawson St. catch some petals floating down. These trees are listed as 20% pink flowers falling.

    There are trees in blossom dispersed throughout this south slope area close to the Fraserview Golf Course and it is a clean, pleasant area for walking. Enjoy!
    Sheila & Elaine

    West End - March 14

    The West End is still spectacularly plummy - single white or pink flowers on trees that do not have horizontal striped bark - particularly on Comox St 1000-1700 blocks and cross streets. There are some nice cherries that look like plums, at 1937 Pendrell, 1605 Nelson and along the park side of 2050 Nelson - maybe they're Akebonos, faded to white? There is a nice little collection of Accolades in bloom next to and across from the Aquatic Centre, and the Accolades at Chilco Park between Nelson and Comox are still looking good. The delicate looking weeping Higan cherry (Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula', also called Shidare-zakura) in Alexandra Park is just coming into bloom. In 2002, it was just coming into bloom on April 2, so we're a bit ahead this year. Stanley Park is on the lists as having cherries in bloom now, but there are only single somewhat bedraggled looking trees here and there - not yet worth a trip for cherry viewing, at least south of Nelson St.
    Wendy Cutler

    • March 8, 2007

    Arbutus Ridge - March 11

    Happy Cherry Blossom Festival, This report covers March 11 - 14 as Area 22 covers a large area and we have viewed approx 45% of the area after three evenings of scouting. We have spotted approx. 120 cherry trees in the very early stages of bud and a small number with blossoms. The majority being in the range of 10 - 20% coloured buds. Unfortunately we missed the information session by the arbourist so identifying the type of tree is difficult at this stage. If you have any resource which have pictures of the specific varieties, this would be useful.

    We look forward to more scouting in the coming weeks as the weather warms up.
    Elaine McClanaghan & Sheila Schroeder

    Dunbar-Southlands - March 9

    [On the 3900 block West 39th] there are about 6 trees in almost full bloom - almost 75 percent open flower - pink emerging leaves green crown shape tabular name whitcomb

    Kerrisdale - March 9

    Area 17 has been divided; this report concerns the area bounded by MacDonald, Granville, 41st to 49th, and the area bounded by W. Boulevard, Macdonald 49th and the Fraser River. There are very few identified trees in this area and many, many unidentified cherry trees.

    Many plum trees, either on their own or alternating with cherry trees are showing a pink-purple mist of colour as their leaves start showing. Flowers are breaking out but are still scarce.

    On Yew St. from 43rd to 46th Accolade Cherry is looking very pretty with dark pink buds and light pink double flowers about 10-20% open. There is no leafing out as yet. Accolades are also blooming along 50th between Marine Crescent and MacDonald and trees looking similar are blooming along the E part of Marine Cr. just S of 49th, on the E side of the street.

    On the W part of Marine Cr. there is one Whitcomb Cherry tree left. It is blooming with vivid pink buds with more than 50% of flowers open.

    Along Yew St. at the NE corner of 42 and SE corner of 43rd there are several Autumn Rosebud Cherry trees. A sparse number of pale pink or pale beige semi double flowers are clinging to bare branches or can be seen fallen on the grass under the trees.

    Akebono Cherries are showing swollen green buds with pink tips, no leafing out as yet. These can be seen at the SE corner of Maple Grove Park where Yew St. meets Marine Dr. There are many other similar looking trees; one large one at the W Boulevard entrance of the Kerrisdale Community Centre, and along 45th near Elm are several young trees. Along Beechwood from 51st to 53rd is another new planting and these trees are still clearly labeled Akebono.

    This area is heavily planted with flowering cherries most unidentified as yet as few are in flower. I shall look forward to trying to sort out the many cultivars and scouting out the most beautiful showings.
    Sheila Petrie

    Marpole - March 13

    I'm writing to report on the blossoming of the Accolade Cherry trees along 61st Avenue - Ontario to Manitoba. I was there this afternoon, and although a few of the blossom are falling already, very few are open on the trees. Probably about 50% or more of the buds were coloured with less than 50% of the buds actually open. The flowers are small and a light pink with double petals. There were no emerging leaves yet that I could see. The crown shapes are tabular or spreading. They were very pretty against the blue sky. This is my first report as these are the first trees I've seen in this area that are actually blooming. I'm not sure I've done this correctly or not.
    Susan Wolpert

    South Cambie - March 15

    Whitcomb Cherry - Laurel between 19th and 20th - All trees in blossom but some trees still have buds that aren't quite ready. Since last report (Mar. 10) lots more fallen blossoms.

    Akebono (Daybreak) Cherry - Cambie St. west on 17th (Tomato Cafe) and 20th (across from elementary school) - starting to bud. - 19th Avenue, from Tupper St. to Ash St. - not completely out, many still have buds but looking from Tupper St. west - light dusting of pink.
    S. Buium

    West End - March 9

    PLUM CENTRAL is at Comox and Bidwell. From this intersection, you can see a street-full of white and pink plum trees in three directions. A lot of people think they're cherries, but you can tell they're plums because:

    1 - they're out before the cherries by a couple of weeks
    2 - they don't have the shiny reddish horizontally striped bark of cherry trees
    3 - the copper-coloured leaves are coming out with the blossoms, which does not usually happen for the early cherries (except for one example on a double-flowering tree)
    4 - they're somewhat fragrant

    The blossoms are small, single, five-petalled. There are some plum photos in the Area 2 March 7 set.

    The major upcoming cherry area is around the mini-park at Chilco between Nelson and Comox. They're Accolades, and are apparently a bit early, as I found photos of them in their prime on April 3 in 2002. They're not yet in their glory, though some blossoms are out.
    Wendy Cutler

    West Point Grey - March 14

    This morning, Wed. March 14, I have a few sightings .

    1. 2800 Point Grey Road- end of Macdonald Street; 1 large old white tree on left side of park
    2. Bayswater - 1 blk west of Macdonald from 4th Avenue to water: row of trees just starting to bloom
    3. West 5th Avenue 1blk west of Alma row of pink blooming trees
    4. UBC - Wesbrook by Regent College row of trees about to burst
    Laurel Saba

    • March 1, 2007 - Official start of the Festival

    Hastings-Sunrise - February 26

    Accolades in 3000 block East 5th Avenue - still over 90% buds, very tiny pink petals beginning to open on some trees. No emerging leaves at this stage.
    Kathy Voegtle

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