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The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Society is proud to announce an exciting new cultural initiative for our city, promoting Vancouver's spectacular beauty and natural resource of over 36,000 cherry trees in our parks, boulevards, and private gardens; no other city in Canada is so well positioned to host such a celebration. This engaging festival provides a happy opportunity to bring people together in Vancouver's natural park settings.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival will present the first annual city-wide Cherry Blossom Celebration this spring, capturing the exuberance of the blossoming with introductory cultural programming for the whole community. Mayor Sullivan will be invited to proclaim “March” the month to honour the awe-inspiring cherry tree with six unique ways Vancouverites can enjoy the celebration, heightening appreciation of Vancouver’s early spring.

We plan for our Celebration to grow organically in size and scope into a festival as popularity and support increases year-upon-year and will be joined by satellite festivities city-wide and beyond to other municipalities. Honouring the cherry tree with a festival connects Vancouver to many international cities from Tokyo to Washington D.C, Seattle and San Francisco, a bond which renews itself every year. Celebrating the diversity of our neighborhoods the festival also promotes tourism to our city and will in the future be a platform for raising funds for local charitable causes.

Inspired by the Sakura festivals of Japan, the VCBF celebrates cultures and community, extending a special gesture of goodwill and friendship to Japan. Every year as the cherry trees grow more and more lovely, Vancouver will be reminded of the beautiful relationship Canada is nurturing with our Asia Pacific neighbors.

Uplifting city spirits, the ephemeral nature of the blossoms remind us all to take time to celebrate life now.

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