Haiku Invitational 2006

Here are the best haiku of the 2006 Haiku Invitational:

  • Best Canadian Poem
    the long road
    boughs of white blossoms
    light the way

    Helen Baker

    North Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Best U.S Poem
    cherry blossoms
    I fold my résumé
    into a crane

    Barry Goodmann

    Hackensack, New Jersey

  • Best Youth Poem
    stopped in traffic—
    on my window
    cherry blossom

    Sophia Frentz (age 13)

    Tauranga, New Zealand

  • Best International Poem
    cherry tree
    even the blind woman
    picks blossoms

    Rosa Clement

    Manaus, Brazil

(Poems appear alphabetically by each poet’s last name.)
  • a new son born—
    from the hospital window
    cherry blossoms and rain

    Cheryl Ashley

    Nanaimo, British Columbia

  • my sad ride
    to the hospital—then this street
    with cherry blossoms

    Winona Baker

    Nanaimo, British Columbia

  • after the rain
    the cherry blossoms

    Peter Brady

    Gatineau, Quebec

  • hospital watch—
    we open her window shade
    to cherry blossoms

    Ellen Compton

    Washington, D.C.

  • first light
    once more the pink
    of cherry blossoms

    Wanda Cook

    Hadley, Massachusetts

  • pink paving-stones—
    the cherry trees are again
    common trees

    Ferre Denis

    Antwerp, Belgium

  • morning light—
    the cherry tree shadows
    also blossom

    Stanford M. Forrester

    Wethersfield, Connecticut

  • blossoms . . .
    I dust off the last
    jar of cherries

    Alice Frampton

    Wynndel, British Columbia

  • rap music
    the cherry blossom

    Sophia Frentz (age 13)

    Tauranga, New Zealand

  • buds on the cherry—
    I wrap new chiffon
    around my hat

    D. Claire Gallagher

    Sunnyvale, California

  • Her new puppy
    already chasing
    cherry blossoms

    Garry Gay

    Santa Rosa, California

  • late winter dusk . . .
    from the music classroom
    a sakura song

    Keiko Izawa

    Yokohama, Japan

  • under a shower
    of cherry blossom petals—
    wish I were naked

    Helen Kyle

    Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • early spring
    under the cherry blossoms
    deaf lovers sign

    Denise Lizarraga

    El Centro, California

  • cherry blossoms
    a street vendor hums
    the Ode to Joy

    Peggy Lyles

    Tucker, Georgia

  • the guests are coming—
    are the petals to be swept
    away from the paths?

    Tomislav Maretic

    Zagreb, Croatia

  • distant thunder
    a few cherry blossoms
    float to earth

    w. f. owen

    Antelope, California

  • childhood home—
    with knobbly fingers she picks
    the fallen blossoms

    Kala Ramesh

    Maharashtra, India

  • a shortcut
    to the sanitarium—
    cherry blossoms

    Andrew Riutta

    Traverse City, Michigan

  • cherry blossoms
    a breeze carries them
    to an unmarked grave

    Gabriel Rosenstock

    Dublin, Ireland

  • cold morning
    amongst the blossoms
    our pink fingers

    Sandra Simpson

    Tauranga, New Zealand

  • cherry blossoms!
    today I’ll brush on
    a pinker blush

    Ebba Story

    San Francisco, California

  • waiting for my pills—
    the old cherry tree’s blossoms
    about to open

    Eduard Tara

    Iasi, Romania

  • as if there were
    no other blossoms—
    a cherry in bloom

    Sanja Varga (age 17)

    Varazdin, Croatia

  • cherry blossoms—
    i wear my silk scarf
    from Japan

    Angelika Wienert

    Oberhausen, Germany

  • popcorn in the park
    the cherry blossoms
    free of charge

    Oleg Yurov

    Donetsk, Ukraine

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